Spencer Bodden

Spencer, the oldest son of George Haig Bodden and Venetta Lurline Bodden was born in 1949 on the property, in fact the same house that is now the Pirates Caves gift shop. He lived at this location with his family including a younger sister, Ellen and brother Bobby until he went off to 'sea' like so many young men of that time did. At the time seafaring was the mean source of income for Caymanian men which allowed them to support their families and to make money to start their own homes.

Spencer married high school sweetheart in 1971 and shortly thereafter took a job as a merchant marine to help fund the building of his own family home (seen next door). After a few years at sea Mr. Bodden longed for the place he called home and with his own house partially completed set his sights on a new career in Insurance Sales. This new career would span decades gaining him top honors regionally and internationally including the prestigious "Million Dollar Run Table"

Spencer and his wife Delene had two sons while married, George Spencer Bodden and Ian Jeffery Bodden, who also grew up on this property. Even though both sons are grown and have homes of their own, they still consider the "Caves" their starting point in life. In fact, George, the older son now runs this historical site.

The 'caves' themselves laid silently behind the "Bodden's" family home for almost 30 years until Spencer decided to do some historical digging and learned that the caves were in fact used by pirates centuries past which planted the seed of the 'Bodden Town Pirates Caves' that you see today.

In the early 1980's Spencer decided to take a leap for faith and opened the first gift shop on the property (see photo) with the original name being "Bodden's Fortune". Later this name and property would be renamed to 'The Pirates Caves' in keeping with it original historical past.

Spencer has since remarried and retired from the insurance business but poor health limits his daily activates and visits to the 'caves' but it is always a treat and vibrant trip down memory lane if you happen to catch him on site.

If you would like to sit with Spencer and hear tales of pirates and the rich history of the caves and his large coin collection contact us prior to visiting and we may be able to accommodate you.

Spencer's Mother, Lurline (Mrs. Fee Fee) & his older son George - 1972
The original gift shop after it was renamed from "Bodden's Fortune"
Spencer sitting outside his family home (gift shop) in his late teens.