Pirates Caves

With your Park Map in hand discover where history's most notorious pirates hid their treasure. Tour Grand Cayman's most spectacular underground formations.

Experience a unique opportunity to wander through passages actually used by pirates as hiding places for valuable treasures.

No special equipment is needed and the caves can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Caymanians believe that pirate treasure still lies buried in the tunnels of the caves. Pirates left their treasure troves in the tunnels, guarded by dead pirates who "volunteered" to remain behind as ghostly guardians.

The locations of the treasure troves remain a mystery to this day, due to the many hurricanes that have struck the island over the years sealing the pirates secrets under tons of coral rubble.

The caves lie beneath a beautiful lush tropical setting. Enjoyment, fun and exciting activities for the whole family. Pirate Caves is an unforgettable experience

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The Pirates Caves attraction was founded by well known local Bodden Towner Spencer Bodden in the early 1980’s after growing up on the property his parents bought in the 1920’s. With some research it was discovered that the caves were an actual ‘hide out’ of pirates who sailed the Caribbean plundering treasure.

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